22nd IMA Conclave: Kumar Manglama Birla shares his success mantras

रविवार, 20 जनवरी 2013 (18:52 IST)
Indore. Indore management association once again gave a wonderful opportunity to be a part of an event which was thoughtful, knowledgeable and a great experience on the second day of the 22nd IMA International Management on Sunday.

Speakers like Dr. Kumar Managalam Birla, Mr. Santrupt Mishra and Alok Kejriwal along with the actor Mr. Kabir Bedi and Swami Anubhavanand Ji graced the dais.

Dr. Kumar Managalam Birla shared his journey in the Aditya Birla Group. He said that that the transformation in the group after his father was not the journey from failure to success but to remain successful. The group follows 4 mantras; Observation, Intuition, Innovation and action. Talking about leadership he mentioned that a leader should think beyond his personel motives and contribute in the welfare of the society.

He said that Indian Entrepreneurs are Unmatched and the business is in our DNA.he received the award of IMA National Business Icon of the year.

Alok Kejriwal Co founder and CEO of Games2 Win India said that one should be tech savvy today. If today we are not on the social networking sites than we are just like dinosaurs. Mr. Kejriwal said that we should always find the hidden message in the things happening around. We should observe the problems and get inspired by them rather than crying over the them.

If our product his having the ability to convert the consumer in salesperson than only it is good otherwise not.

Kabir Bedi also inspired the listeners by sharing his experiences and reveled that he is not only a good actor but an orator too In the End of the session, Swami Anubhavanand Ji got the lots of applaud from crowd. He spoke on “Celebrating life.”

On this occasion IMA also launched the digital edition of their magazine the Indore Manager and their theme song too. (webdunia)

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