Take Factories near the employees home

शनिवार, 19 जनवरी 2013 (16:21 IST)
Ullas Kamath, Joint director, Jyothy Laboratory speaks Put up the factories closer to the employees home that is what we exactly do.

while presenting Roadmap for Explosive Business Growth in IMA Conclave 2013. kamath says that there is no word like Comepetetion in our dictionary.

According to him in India we need jobs for the people who can not afford MBA degree.

He says there is no word like competition in Ujala's dictionary we only compete with our self.

Kamth says you do not need money to start the business a business you just need passion, passion and passion.

he suggested students to be an entrepreneur, India needs entrepreneur and create employments for the needy ones. (webdunia)

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